Published Writing


      Smart Business magazine, Dallas edition

            •Roger Staubach, The Staubach Co., September 2006

            •Colleen Barrett, Southwest Airlines, January 2007

            •Kip Tindell, The Container Store, June 2007

      A Business Journal

            •Americans with disability act, part 1, December 2005

            •Americans with disability act, part 2, December 2005

            •Americans with disability act, part 3, December 2005

            •Age 35—taking the spring out of your chicken, January 2007

            •Parkinson's stories, June 2007

            •Health series, 2008, part 1, January 2008

            •Health series, 2008, part 2, January 2008

            •Health series, 2008, part 3, January 2008

            •Writer gains inspiration from series of fitness stories, December 2007

      US Airways Magazine

            •Word of Mouth, Louisville, June 2007

            •Business Profile, Louisville, June 2007

      Pizza Today

            •Oops! Server Mistakes Cost Restaurants Money, January 2008

            •Understanding your insurance coverage is vital to keeping business up and running, August 2008

            •A Grand Theme, March 2009

            •Seeking Green, March 2009

            •Carpet Care, August 2009

      The Lane Report

            •The Rise of Angels, February 2005

            •Western Ky's Rising Income, May 2005

Home and garden

      Victorian Homes

            •The Legacy of Henry Clay, December 2006

            •Under the exotic influence, February 2008

            •Run for the Roses, April 2008

            •Yuletide Splendor, December 2008

            •O Christmas Tree, February 2009

            •Diary of a Restoration, October 2009

      Cottages & Bungalows

            •Home Again, April 2008

            •Hoosier Homecoming, October/November 2008

      Kentucky Homes & Gardens

            •Something Old, Something New, March/April 2007 

            •Show Stopper, July/August 2007

            •Comfortable Elegance, March/April 2008

            •My New Old Kentucky Home, May/June 2008

General features

      Louisville Magazine 

            •Rust never sleeps, November 2004

            •Mary Moseley profile, March 2005

            •Uptown across the river, September 2006

            •Women of Power, January 2007

            •End Insight, September 2007

            •Ask the Expert, September 2008

      Presbyterians Today

            •Doing well by doing good, March 2004

            •Churches and Mental Illness, October 2008

      Hybrid Mom

            •Party of five, Summer 2007